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Our Experience in Pension Fund Administration

  • Our experience pre-dates the Pension Reforms based on our shareholding companies.
  • Leadway Pensure has since established itself as a major PFA and our activities encompass the entire pension cycle.
  • Successfully administered customer information and accounts 
  • Taken Funds and invested profitably
  • Through retirement, awareness/sensitization programmes, we have created the foundation for our advisory services to our customers on retirement planning.
  • Successfully disbursed lumpsum and periodic payment to retirees.
  • We are equipped to manage all pension related computations and present resultant information promptly.

Excellent Customer Service Offerings 

Our customers are kept abreast of their funds and financial developments through:

  • Multilingual contact center/helpdesk
  • Functional internet platform for account monitoring (P-online)
  • Web chat service 
  • E-mail platform for requests and complaints
  • SMS self-help service for account balance, statement, and PIN requests
  • SMS updates on uploaded contributions
  • Quarterly statements in e-mail or hard copy format
  • Monthly e-communication to educate clients on the scheme and provide savings and retirement tips
  • Fund Reports and Periodic Newsletters


24 hour PIN delivery

  • Availability of cutting edge technology that facilitates RSA data verification
  • Our facilities depict the state of the art in PIN generation and delivery.
  • Electronic capture of data and biometrics that enables on-the-spot processing for PIN delivery.


Superior Investment Performance

We have successfully managed funds and provided competitive returns.


Pedigree – Board & Management constitution

  • We are recognized in the individual and corporate market as being Strong, Progressive and driven by Integrity.
  • Large and established corporate investors.


Responsive complaints resolution and feedback system

We pride ourselves in our ability to address customer’s needs and to ensure prompt resolution of issues. As a company-wide business strategy, we interact through regular customer relationship management sessions and are close to our numerous customers in order to nurture and retain them.



Leadway Pensure PFA has offices located in 38 locations in 32 states, including the Head Office & FCT. And our custodians are UBA, Zenith Pension and First Pension Custodians have over 463, 613 and 638 branches nationwide respectively.



  • Customers who wish to contribute more aside the mandatory 18% (i.e. 10% from employer and 8% from employee’s emolument) can do so without attracting extra admin fee (N100 monthly). These contributions also yield good returns on investment as applicable to RSA.
  • One major advantage of the AVC is that it is tax exempt both at the point of contribution and withdrawal if invested for a minimum of 5 years.
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Thursday August 17, 2017
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