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As a Pension Fund Administrator, our unique responsibilities include management of Gratuity scheme, Legacy funds and other managed funds with tailored deliverables and value taken into consideration.

Gratuity Funds

Gratuity Funds are lump sum amounts that employers give to their employees on leaving the organization as a way of rewarding them for their past service. This cash reward is called “Gratuity”. The amount paid to the employee is normally based on the number of years of service he/she worked for the organization. Please note that Gratuity Funds are separate from the normal RSA Fund or Lump Sum payment made at retirement.

Legacy Funds

Legacy Funds are pre-scheme funds (i.e. funds up to December 2004) which were privately invested by an organization for or its authorized agents on behalf of its workers before the Pension Reform Act 2004. They are usually treated as separate funds from the normal mandatory contributions.

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